How to Rehair a violin Bow, by Roger Foster on DVD

Violin Bow Rehairing

This DVD shows how a professional violin and bowmaker rehairs a bow in his shop. In thisĀ step-by-step presentation, Roger Foster demonstrates the complete process of rehairing a violin bow. He starts by examining the bow for structural problems, disassembles the bow and cleans the parts. Then, he precisely cuts hardwood plugs for the head and frog. Next, he selects and prepares the horse hair. With the materials prepared, he proceeds to rehair the bow using techniques which assure that the hair will remain taut in the bow. In order to keep the hair distributed evenly at the frog, he carves and inserts a wooden spreader. Finally, he shrinks the hair and applies rosin.
This DVD has been endorsed by William Salchow and Lynne Hannings. Ms. Hannings is the foremost instructor of Bow Rehairing at workshops which include the University of New Hampshire and Brown's Violins held at Pomona College in Claremont, California.
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