About Foster's Violin Shop

String instruments at Foster's Violin Shop

Foster's Violin Shop has been serving the bowed instrument needs in Orange County and the greater Los Angeles area for 34 years. We offer instrument and accessory sales, repairs and rentals.

We are grateful for the support we have received from our loyal customers, educators and professional musicians throughout Orange County and the greater Los Angeles area. We look forward to a continued relationship with all.



"Dear friends and customers I apologize to everyone inconvenienced by our shops limited schedule over the past year. I have been on a partial leave of absence, a sabbatical of sorts to rejuvenate the creative flow of my earliest training. The return to violin and bow making is part of my semi retirement, along with the desire to continue serving my faithful customers and friends with their instrumental needs.

Our schedule continues to be by appointment, Tuesday through Saturday 12-6. Please call if you have any questions or desire an appointment.

My home and the home of Foster's Violin Shop was sold last year to an investor living outside the USA. By a quirk of fate we are still temporarily here, but on a limited arrangement.
Again, thanks!

-Roger Foster